34 years old
El Pozo De Vida, Mexico
Program Coordinator

“VGIF has given us the opportunity to maximize the potential of this project by increasing staff training, program objectives, and providing more resources to work with women and adolescents at the immigration detention center in Mexico City,” says Lyd.

She sees the impact of the program in three aspects:

1.) Impact on migrant women: “What we perceive is an improvement in mood, despite the situation and mental condition. Our visits and art therapy sessions foster sharing life stories, releasing and generating a new form of seeing life and handling conflicts and overcoming problems and difficulties.”
2.) Impact on myself: “I am shocked to see that the time devoted to the women allows me to enter their world and be one of them, no more, no less. It has challenged me realize how much volunteer work has a deep effect on people, more than we could ever imagine, and by creating genuine relationships with others we create change. Realizing how important it is for others to be heard and accompanied with in difficult times has changed the way I relate to people. They have helped me to see that taking the time to be 100% present with an individual is something transcendent in our lives.
3.) Impact among the team: “All volunteers has been sensitized to the situation of migrant women and children, which has resulted in them being more committed to the project. Volunteers show more compassion, are more aware and educated, and have gained new life and social skills. They have become creative and proactive in looking for new ways to help and encourage the women. This project has fostered in them the spirit of participation, which is vital to create social change.”