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22 years old
Educate the Children, Inc., Nepal
Literacy Class Teacher / Facilitator

Gita started teaching literacy classes through Educate the Children, Inc, a 2014 VGIF grantee, to supplement her husband's income. She currently facilitates 2-hour classes to members of their women's education group, Anushasit. Gita balances household tasks —including caring for her 4-year-old child, preparing meals for a 9-person extended family, maintaining a kitchen garden, and more — with teaching responsibilities. After a day of working in her family’s home, she often puts her baby in a carrying basket and heads to class. Though it can be a challenge to balance these roles, Gita is enthusiastic to support educational opportunities for rural women while earning money to support her family.

Gita says, I want work so that I can learn something and earn money to support my family. We need money not only for monthly food but also for treatment of my father-in-law who has broken his backbone.”