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League for Integration Growth of Hill Tribe Trust (Light Trust), India
Project Coordinator

Margret was VGIF’s special guest at the UN’s annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in March where she presented at our parallel event, Implementing the Beijing Platform for Action: Learning from Leaders on the Ground. Margret shared that her passion for human rights work started at a young age. While visiting a cemetery as child, she recalls being struck by burial plots being segregated based on caste literally by a wall. She questioned her family about the presence of the wall which prompted her to begin studying human rights.

Margret is now Project Coordinator of Light Trust, a multiyear grantee, where she advocates for the rights of Dalit women and girls. Light Trust works to increase the knowledge of human rights, tribal rights and civil rights among women leaders and girls of the hill tribes of Tamil Nadu, India. Margret applauds VGIF for providing funding to cover trainings that empower the local community members. She says “When Dalit women and men get the power, that’s when change will happen!”