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Sketch by Amanda Goss

30 years old
Action for Rural Women's Empowerment (ARUWE), Uganda
Programs Officer

Sylvia joined ARUWE as a volunteer in 2007 and advanced in the organization to become Programs Officer in 2011. She oversees the Gayaza Women Sustainable Livelihood project, which received a 2014 VGIF grant. The project promotes food security, nutrition and income generation among women farmers in the Kyankwanzi District, and provides female participates with opportunities to develop their leadership, communication, and advocacy skills. Sylvia says, “Working with grassroots women enables me to appreciate their resilience, tenacity and the selflessness. These women are not only motivated to work for themselves but to make the world a better place for their loved ones and community.”

Land is the most important resource in facilitating the project. But, Sylvia explains that women farmers encounter difficulty accessing information on land policies, laws and land management systems which can hinder their access to justice during land conflicts. ARUWE, therefore, integrates land rights in its food security, nutrition and income generating programs to provide more comprehensive support. Sylvia says, “To develop a nation, empower the mothers of the nation”.