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Iatamze (Ia)
57 years old
The Women's Centre of Georgia
Executive Director

Ia has a long track record of supporting women’s rights and linking those to their overall human rights. She was the first person in Georgia to establish a network of women’s rights groups around the capital, Tbilisi, to prevent human trafficking. Her influence is clearly seen in the mission of The Women’s Centre as they support the integration of minorities in Georgia through the protection and promotion of women’s rights by legislative advocacy and raising awareness among women in the community.

For example, gender-based violence educational materials were translated into myriad local languages and Centre staff conducted door-to-door outreach to sensitize minority women on their rights under Georgian law. As Ia says, “If you can’t speak the language, how do you know what the rules are!” At one house, staff spoke to an 18-year-old Azerbaijani girl who was in an arranged marriage and over a four year period was a victim of daily domestic violence from her husband. Her conversation with staff was the first time the girl learned that gender-based violence was a violation of her rights and, upon further engagement, this young woman became the Centre’s first divorce case.