Sketch by Amanda Goss

46 years old
National Training and Conference of the Arts in Zimbabwe (NATCAZ)
Programs Manager

Cynthia says, "I have a passion for rural women. As Project Director of the Textiles Design Project for Rural Women and Youth in Murewa District, I am satisfied that I was able to locate rural women and girls in a strategic position for economic empowerment through imparting to them value addition skills and unleashing their latent creativity and artistic expressions. With such skills, nothing can block rural women and girls from charting a brighter destiny for themselves and future generations."

Of NATCAZ’s VGIF-funded project, Cynthia says, “[it] was exciting that it unleashed the creative talent of rural women and youths and positioned them in a space that they do not ordinarily occupy. Participants developed beautiful designs in screen printing, tie-dye and batik. They also tapped into high value markets for instance national festivals and sent some of their work with cross border traders to South Africa. The challenge is that the dyes and chemicals are imported and therefore expensive. One way of getting around this is to buy the inputs directly from South Africa. The Project also capacitated rural women to be trainers in textiles design and opened up training opportunities for them from schools and other institutions and private individuals.”