50 years old
Women Inspiration Development Center (WIDC), Nigeria
CEO and Founder

I have always been very passionate about gender equality and have dedicated much of my work in life to support women in many capacities,” says Busayo. Through her work at WIDC, Nigerian women and girls were trained in tie-dye fabric production and marketing strategies to improve their self-confidence, self-reliance, and income generation capacities. Busayo says this allowed them to “envision and create new possibilities for their lives, families and communities.

Busayo says, “VGIF was the first organization that believed in our work and gave us a grant. The project we did with the grant is giving us more visibility now and other organizations are now considering us for grant." She continued, "Some of the girls that participated in the project are now self-reliant making money to take care of themselves and their family. I feel so overwhelmed with joy and seen my dreams coming true as I saw those girls coming up with better lives.

This work is truly a family affair as Busayo's husband, daughter, and two sons all contribute to the programs offered at Women Inspiration Development Center.