Maria Mercedes 
52 years old
Fundación Proyecto Solar para Mujeres Nicaraguenses (FUPROSOMUNIC), Nicaragua
Founder and General Coordinator

“My experience working with bio-intensive organic gardens has been fantastic! I’m even a beneficiary of VGIF as I am implementing the gardens in my own farm, which will make a big difference in improving my quality of life and involvement with other women and families to build a more dignified life and justice,” says Maria.

Maria has been working with solar energy since establishing FUPROSOMUNIC in 2004. She has “work[ed] with over 825 Nicaraguan families, in order to provide low-cost solar ovens and other sustainable environmental technology in rural impoverished areas.”

FUPROSOMUNIC’s 2015 VGIF-funded project increased the food security of women and their families by constructing bio-intensive gardens and by training 14 women community leaders in sustainable gardening techniques. After obtaining the training, these leaders shared their knowledge with other women in the communities.

Maria says, “with bio-intensive organic gardens we have realized the great need for opportunities of women and girls. So I say infinitely thank you VGIF for supporting us with starting the organic garden with these women leaders. We hope they will be replicating in the future.”