25 years old
Northern Sector Action on Awareness Centre (NORSAAC), Ghana
Program Officer

NORSAAC's Enhancing Female Leadership Positions in Schools project trained 40 girls on leadership, mentorship, lobbying and advocacy to encourage their future leadership in school and goverment. Of her role, Asana says, “I have gained much experience in public speaking, mobilization, facilitation and more effective communication. The project helped me in understanding the challenges affecting young girls especially when it comes to leadership and participation even at the school level. What excites me the most is that, after having interacted with the young girls you still realize they have the interest and have spirit, some just lack the model/mentors to motivate them or walk them through. It’s a new concept and the challenge of getting it adopted by many schools is still what we are battling with and lack of funds and the wide nature of the region in terms of demography."