Sketch by Amanda Goss

COVAM - Communicating Values and Empowering Women, Mexico
Founder and President

“I am passionate about creating consciousness on gender issues and about empowering women and making their eyes shine. I believe women are real heroes to have survived and even thrived in spite of untold opposition throughout the ages,” says Isabelle.

COVAM was founded ten years ago “to transmit values to children”. Isabelle explains, "We expanded to work with the mothers (who repeatedly told us about the domestic abuse they endured), to women victims of violence, women inmates, and now to teenage girls in conflict with the law.” Through their 2015 VGIF grant, COVAM is empowering girls in juvenile detention centers through workshops and individual coaching sessions on emotional healing, self-esteem building, and gender equality.

Of the girls involved, Isabelle says, “All of them were hurt in their past, mistreated, abused, deceived. And behind the often brash façade hides a girl longing to be seen, accepted, loved and taught." Through the project, the girls are "rebuilding their sense of worth and dignity, challenge their destructive beliefs, acquire new values and modify their behavior."