Majd (pictured bottom right)
38 years old
Try Center for Training and Education, Jordan
Project Director

“I understand that ending violence against girls will take time. It’s about addressing deep seated cultural beliefs that have created an ingrained power relationship between men and women,” says Majd. Through their VGIF grant, Try Center for Training and Education trained teachers in domestic violence and child abuse so they could educate young Palestinian refugees on these topics. Majd says, “We’re empowering girls and trying to change the minds of community, schools and parents through research, training and campaigns. The project supported us in implementing our initiative and beliefs to end violence against girls and make the society a safer place.”

Majd continues, "I feel empowered in my role with the VGIF-funded project. I am proud to build this network with VGIF as a funder and partner in our work on protecting refugee girls. I am happy with very talented colleagues and supportive refugee community." Despite challenges, Majd is hopeful for the future. She says, "I find the culture of gender based violence is a big challenge, but not impossible! I believe that one of the key ways to end violence against girls and women is to tackle the root causes of discrimination and cultural norms."