35 years old
Sahabat Perempuan, Indonesia

"Domestic violence is still considered a big problem in our society," says Wariyatun. With support from VGIF in 2014, Sahabat Perempuan implemented a project, Combating Domestic Violence in Central Java, that provided counseling and legal assistance to women and girls affected by violence while raising awareness in the community through radio programs and trainings.

Wariyatun continues, "It was great to partner with VGIF because we shared our experiences of working in human rights especially related women's rights. Sahabat Perempuan knows that we cannot work alone to improve women's rights. Many supporters working hand in hand are needed to increase women rights status in a domestic area. The VGIF-funded project has strengthened the partnership between Sahabat Perempuan, local civic organizations, and local government to decrease number of domestic violence in Central Java. This collaboration is very important to make the project sustains."