Sketch by Amanda Goss

63 years old
Lifebuilders, Nigeria
Founder and Executive Director

Grace is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lifebuilders, a Nigerian organization providing education, health and income generating opportunities for women and their families to foster sustainable livelihoods and develop leadership skills. With a background as a Nurse-Midwife and Health Planning Administrator, Lifebuilders provides an intersection for Grace to utilize her health care experience while pursuing her passion for women’s entrepreneurship. Of their 2012 VGIF grant, Grace says, “it enabled me to translate passion to action. Using Moringa Oleifera, the world-acclaimed most nutrient dense plant, to generate income for 25 women in Ijaiye, reach their daughters with reproductive health education, and to improve household’s nutrition in rural areas.”

Grace is also passionate about a Lifebuilders forum called “Women Helping Women Initiative of Nigeria” (WHIN) that promotes women’s empowerment. The group has over 300 members who meet monthly to share ideas and help each other development business and marketing strategies to reach new markets.