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Volunteer Spotlight
"I was fortunate to work with VGIF as the Grants Associate in the office, but I eventually left to pursue an advanced academic degree. After, I chose to get involved as a UN committee member and a board member. My interactions with project directors from around the world affirmed that no change is too small and that each woman impacted by a VGIF-funded project is a step towards empowering women worldwide. As a younger board member, I enjoy learning from those who built this great organization, while contributing my perspective as a member of the generation that will ultimately be entrusted with its continued success.

I continue to support VGIF because we truly respect local women as the experts on what is best for their livelihood and success. The successful projects, inspiring stories and life-changing outcomes from the hill tribes of India to the rural communities of Zimbabwe keep me involved with - and dedicated to - the amazing work of VGIF."

Meg Chappell
VGIF Volunteer, USA

Ways to Volunteer

From the start, VGIF has been a volunteer-driven organization. For the first twenty years, programs were run without any paid staff and then run for almost twenty years with only one paid staff person. As the organization now moves towards creating larger impacts for women and girls worldwide, a growing office to handle day-to-day operations is in close communication with the governance board. As VGIF experiences great growth, volunteers continue to play key roles throughout the organization. Volunteer activities include reviewing grants to spreading the word about VGIF, securing new members, and overseeing VGIF’s investments. VGIF Board and committee members donate their services to the organization with no payment for time, travel or expenses incurred.

As a VGIF member, you can volunteer in the following ways. Please contact the VGIF office for further information on any or all of these roles.

Conduct outreach on behalf of VGIF
We rely on knowledgeable volunteers to spread the word about VGIF by talking to a variety of groups who share our interest. This includes outreach to individuals who might become members or donors, as well as grassroots organizations that might apply for VGIF funding. VGIF provides presentation materials and various handouts in order to support these efforts.
Serve as a VGIF International Contact
VGIF relies on International Contacts who assist the organization by conducting outreach in their particular countries and regions and collect funds for VGIF in the local currency.  We currently have contacts in Germany, Ireland, Japan, Nigeria, and Scotland and we are looking to expand into other countries.
Serve on VGIF Board and Committees
VGIF members who are in good standing are eligible to serve on VGIF Board Committees and on the Board of Directors. New members of the following committees are appointed by the President to three year terms every year: Project Grants, United Nations, Development, Finance & Investment, Governance, and Human Resources.  The Nominating Committee is currently seeking candidates to join the Board in April, 2018 for 3-year terms. The Nominating Committee is specifically looking for members with budget and financial experience, program evaluation skills and the ability to work along with the Executive Director as part of an active team. If you would like to learn more about committee and Board member expectations and receive an application to join our team, please email info@vgif.org.
Take on Special Roles in support of VGIF
You may want to serve as a previewer of grants, assist in planning a special event, or offer your expertise in Human Resources law, information technology, or strategic planning to the Board or to the VGIF office located in New York City.
VGIF offers internships related to our UN work, our communications work and our grantmaking and evaluation efforts during both Fall and Spring semesters, as well as during the Summer break.  These internships are designed to be a meaningful learning experience for undergraduate and graduate students, and to give interns the opportunity to contribute to the impact of VGIF in significant ways.  For current internships with VGIF, please visit our Internship Listing.

Calendar of Events


May 9-20, 2016
UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

New York, NY
August 27, 2016
Young Professional Network 5K Fun Run/Walk

New York, NY
October 28-29, 2016
Mid-Year Board Meeting

Seattle, WA