Learning Exchange

Welcome to VGIF’s Learning Exchange, an online resource for grant seekers, current grantees, partner organizations, and others interested in advancing the practice of grantmaking to support women’s development, empowerment and gender equity worldwide.

This page is under construction.
We will add to these resources in the coming months, so please check back regularly.


Here you will find how-to guides on project development, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation developed by VGIF and other organizations. You will also find peer-to-peer resources, including case studies from grassroots groups around the world sharing their challenges and successes in project implementation.

As we continue to build this section we invite you to share resources that you have developed or used in the field. Email info@vgif.org to submit resources.

Developing a Project

As grassroots leaders and funders of grassroots projects, we are all working to improve the economic, social, and political status of women and girls around the world. Good program design helps us work toward that goal; ensuring that the resources we invest in our work are used thoughtfully and effectively. For local organizations, a well-designed project plan forms the basis of any grant proposal and attracts funders, partner organizations, and governments to support our work.  

In this section, you will find resources on identifying community needs and regarding program development, program design, and budgeting. We are currently building this resource list, so please check back frequently.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is a process of collecting and analyzing data about a project; its activities, outcomes, and impact. These efforts help answer the questions: “what did we do?” and “how did our community change as a result?” By examining and describing your work, you can better learn from your successes and challenges, improve your effectiveness in the communities you serve, and advance the field of women’s development across the globe.

In this section, you will find resources on program monitoring and evaluation, including templates for survey design, stakeholder interviews, and project self-assessment. We are currently building this resource list, so please check back frequently.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

VGIF respects the knowledge, experience and leadership of women in local communities around the world. We believe that women have the ability to determine their own priorities and solutions to tackle the problems facing their local communities. Peer learning is a tool that helps women in various parts of the world share strategies, best practices, and real-life lessons learned to build on their knowledge base and improve their own projects.

In this section, you will find resources developed and shared by past VGIF grantees and other grassroots organizations. The resources will include case studies from organizations, notes on strategies for achieving societal and structural change, and examples of outreach, educational, and other project materials. We are currently building this resource list, so please check back frequently.

Topic Areas

VGIF does not restrict its funding based on topic area, but most of our funded projects can be grouped into these 6 thematic areas:

Economic Development and Empowerment
Leadership and Movement-Building
Environment, Food and Water Security
Health, Wellness, Bodily Integrity
Human Rights and Legal Status

In this section, you will find resources created by VGIF, our grantees, and partner organizations working to advance the development of women and girls worldwide organized by topic area. Under each topic area, you will find case studies, project materials, and other project implementation resources. We are currently building this resource list, so please check back frequently.